The sociolinguistic background of English grammar errors on the primary school l

Praca licencjacka. Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna w Warszawie.


Abbreviations and symbols

Chapter one
A history of teaching English in Poland and in Europe

1.0 Preliminary remarks
1.1 Historical conditions of English learning in Poland
1.2 English in international communication
1.3 Specific educational aims in English language teaching
1.4 The reformation of educational system as the mean of improvement in quality of learning and teaching

Chapter two
Errors in the English language learning and teaching

2.0 Preliminary remarks
2.1 Definition of error
2.2 Error taxonomies
2.3 Errors as a source of knowledge for

Chapter three
The influence of sociolinguistic factors on the language learning process

3.0 Preliminary remarks
3.1 Main sociolinguistics factors
3.2 Language disability in foreign language learning

Chapter four
Grammatical errors in the children’s tests

4.0 Preliminary remarks
4.1 Presentation of the group of pupils
4.2 Discussion
4.3 Partial conclusions



1. The results of tests
2. The combination of average results of the pupils